This plan is for large, midsize traders and key players in the agro food system. This Platinum Membership was created to vertical players who control the supply chain. Platinum Members have retail chain and could produce or do importing or/exporting for the benefit of their retail chains locally and internationally. The platinum membership has no limitation to sell to B2B or B2C. The Platinum membership allow multi level selling and buying as well as selling directly to customers in grocery stores. All type of business owners can take this plan including farmers, exporters, importers, wholesalers, retailers and distributors. This plan also allow you to sell your products to EFRESCO online grocery store market in the same country.

The Platinum Membership provides two platforms one for retail and one for trading. The Platinum member can sell or buy from any type of business owners and traders such as farmers, exporters, importers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers.


The above picture explain all type of business owners and traders that the platinum membership can handle without any limitation. There is no limitation in number of products listed , no limitation to number of business types, no limitation on access of any marketing channels levels and there is no limitation on the number of messages you can send.

This plan could be good for business owners with vertical integration. Usually these vendors are GAP certified and could have their own retail stores or farms. Platinum is also good for food processors, exporters, importers and any business owners looking for contract farming. The Plan is flexible and has no limitation on selling or buying. The Platinum members can get all the features update during all subscription duration. This include GPS location of farms and retail stores of the subscriber and the competitors as well.

The Platinum Plan is good for Pull strategy as it allow subscriber to drive the demand from the consumer to the producer. However, the gold membership is more oriented toward push strategy in which the gold member can deal with one type of business owners, whereas the platinum member can deal with more than one type of business owner or many traders.


The platinum plan allow the member to contact both farmers and end users. This will enable the business owner to drive the demand from the markets retail chain and go backward to search for contracting farming or traders who can help satisfy the retail chain demand that is owned by business owner.

In the Golden membership the plan supports push strategy more than pull strategy. It is also worth mentioning that the platinum plan can serve both the push and pull strategy without limitation.

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