The Gold membership plan is designed for a bespoke specific roles. The Golden Membership is good for midsize traders who target retailer directly or indirectly. The golden membership allow listing of 30 products without any limitation to send messages and communicate to certain types of traders.

To know if golden membership is good for you , then you need to define which country you are working in and if you are working with one or multiple type of business owners. Usually gold membership is good for organizations with clear marketing channels and with a One Level of marketing Channel. Gold Membership is not for traders who work with more than one type of traders or with multi-level marketing channels.

The golden membership allows farmers and distributors to see only the products of the same country. The relationship between the farmers and their marketing channel is solid and stable. The golden membership is good to build a relationship selling that is based on trust and requires long run stability of vendors and suppliers. The same with distributors who only work with retailers in the same county. Thus Golden membership has one level channel with one type of business owner as the only targeted business operation.


The Golden membership allow only farmers and wholesalers to sell to two levels of marketing channels. The farmers can sell to two type of business owner that is ; distributors and wholesalers. Wholesalers have also advantages to sell to retailers and distributors. The Golden Membership is good for bulk selling inside the same country.

The Golden Membership is also good for importers and exporters as EFRESCO support the trade transaction to occur only at one level between the importer and exporter without intermediaries.


The Picture above shows that the Golden Membership support business relationships with one type of business owner (trader) that is from farmer to retailer or from farmer to wholesalers or distributors. This has been shown in column B and C. The golden membership also support levels from distributor/wholesaler to retailer as shown in column D.

The golden membership also includes all features and advantages that has been updated during the duration of the membership plan. For Example GPS Location of farms and location of retailers are only shown to the golden and platinum membership. This will increase the validity and trust among vendors and suppliers .

The Golden Membership is limited to traders at B2B level and does not support (B2C) or any direct selling to end users or consumers. The Golden membership is good for traders with specialized items and stable marketing channels as the membership only allow listing of maximum 30 SKU (product).

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