The EMERALD PLAN provide a prepaid subscription plan to communicate with traders. The total cost to pay for membership is 50 USD for 14 messages ( including free 4 messages) . The subscription is not linked to time or duration but it links to how many messages you utilize.

THE EMERALD PLAN provides farmers, importers, exporters, distributors and wholesalers with a panel to communicate with traders and producers worldwide. The EMERALD PAY AS YOU GO is a system in which you pay for a trading communication and networking service before you use it, and you cannot use more than you have paid for. The EMERALD Plan allows you to send 10 messages and receive up to 10 messages.

Moreover you can list products or announce for a demanded products. If you have listed 5 products and you have finished sending your 10 messages you can still receive 10 messages as a response for your sent messages or as a response to enquiries about your 5 listed demanded products. Not only exporters or seller traders can list their products but also Importers can list their demanded products with their specifications and they can receive a response from exporters worldwide.

After the 10 messages has finished then you can buy another 10 messages at 50 USD. This plan is considered as pay as you go plan. The EMERALD plan allows you to list 5 products if you are exporter, distributer, farmer or wholesaler.

The EMERALD plan is good for any traders or producers who are looking to conduct few deals and they are not long term traders. The EMERALD Plan solves any urgent required product trading. The EMERALD plan is also good for whom they do not have enough budgets for sales and marketing and they do not want any restrictions in the duration of plans.

The EMERALD plan is not for large traders and are designed for small farmers and small traders. However, the plan could help other type of traders including importers with other specific objectives. THE EMERALD PLAN provide the EFRESCO as a host of personal and business networking portal that Small and Medium Enterprises can build from a large circle of potential suppliers, customers and even investors.

The EMERALD plan opens internet as a whole new avenue for SMEs to obtain considerable information through exploring listed products from different traders globally. The EMERALD Plan help small farmers and traders to minimize the role of agents and brokers. EFRESCO invite real traders and producers worldwide. EFRESCO team physically attends conferences, trade exhibitions and invites traders to join the EFRESCO platform. The EFRESCO team saves you time by collecting specific information from traders worldwide using marketing intelligence and contacting the traders physically and online at global level. EFRESCO team contacts all associations for traders and producers and appoint EFRESCO ambassador in each country to facilitate interaction between traders, retailers and producers worldwide. EFRESCO saves your time in searching , networking, traveling or investing in trading exhibitions. You can try the EMERALD plan free. The free trial includes 4 messages and listing of two products and or two demanded products.

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