e-FRESCO integrate the fresh produce supply chain. The result of this integration is an innovative retail chain franchise. The franchise  is based on technology and franchising the small fruit shops in fresh produce. The franchise work globally. E-FRESCO provide distributors with the technology needed from first mile to last mile. E-FRESCO solution provide retailers with e-commerce, last mile, and POS. The Distributors or franchise agents will get full operational system that connect at least 30 shops to the inventory house. 

eFresco Franchise Shop

The advantages of the system is that it reduces the cost of transportation, reduce food waste, support the vulnerable  and reduce environmental emissions. E-FRESCO will provide the retail shops with cloud based POS to allow demand forecasting and reduce waste.  The shop will have a supporting services and will be provided with centralized buying center to reduce costs of products and transportation.

e-FRESCO enables traders, distributors and all actors in the supply chain to secure their quality and payment terms through enforcing product flow, financial flow and information flow cross the supply chain. The technology will help in building trust cross the supply chain.


Mainly the franchise agents are distributors who are interested to create their own retail chain using e-FRESCO franchise. E-FRESCO will help the franchise agent in recruiting the franchisee. E-FRESCO will provide all necessary systems and branding advice to operate at least 30 small fruit shops. The franchise agent will get also support in trade, export,  import and retail operation.