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How e-FRESCO help exporters of fresh produce?

e-FRESCO provides two level of support. The first level is to connect exporters and importers, provide an analysis to markets through explore market and through our consultants. We will also provide best price and best destination. 

The second level of support is to provide a distribution network that can help the trader to sell bulk. E-FRESCO has a network of warehouses. Each warehouse will be connected with at least 30 small independent fresh fruit shops. 

How to register in e-FRESCO ?

First you need to register as traders through the following link

You will receive OTP in your email or in Junk. Add the OTP, select your plan as free trial or paid plan. 

You do not need to use OTP if you want to log in through social media. You can register from the following link: 

Vendor Login (

 How to add my products , pictures and product availability?

What is a product window?

A product window is a feature that allows you to list the months and the quantities that your product is available.

Does e-FRESCO support video?

Yes you can add your farms and packing house videos

How to communicate with exporters and importers?

Watch the following videos:

Do you support bulk sales?

Yes , e-FRESCO provide a driven demand for bulk orders of fresh produce by Integrating the retail chains with the warehouse. 

Can importers list their requirements?


Yes importers can announce through the “ EMERALD PLUS” plan. They can target the price and the quantity , pictures and specifications. 

 What type of plans available?

• The gold plan is for sellers to analyze and explore the market and communicate with potential buyers. 
• The platinum plan include marketing plan and distribution plans. The detailed distribution plans are discussed in the consulting section in e-FRESCO portal. The platinum plan provide all required services. 
• Emarald Plus plan is seasonal plan for marketing and planning. It also have the platinum features but it covers 3 months. 
• The emerald plan is for buyers and HORECA 
• The silver plan is for fruit shops. 
What e-fresco provide for wholesale exporters or importers?

Through our partners network we provide cold storage warehouses, distribution channels and online integration with retail stores and last mile delivery networks. 

What technologies e-FRESCO provide?


e-FRESCO have the ability to provide small retail shops with the ability to sell online. We also provide marketing,delivery application and call center support. Also e-FRESCO support the warehouses with a dashboard to integrate the retail network with the warehouse. 

Who are e-FRESCO partners?

e-FRESCO partners are warehouses and packing houses that have distribution network and storage. 

How is payment made for exporters?

The online visibility of the retail networks and the point of sales connected with the aggregated retail shops will allow for online wiring to the exporter. 

What options are available for the exporter to collect his payments?

There is two options. The first option is that the warehouse will pay to the bank after 90 days and our bank partner will pay to the exporter after 90 days. 

The second option is that the payment is collected through e-FRESCO online network. 

Who are other potential partners?

Banks, Insurance, Logistic companies, warehouses, packing houses and inspection companies. If you are interested to be partner

contact us at [email protected]