Fruits Demand Shapes New Trends It might be impossible to have a consistent supply of fresh fruits and vegetables all year round if it were not for imports and international trade. Due to varying climates in different parts of the world, it is possible to have fruits and vegetables all year round. Trends in fruits and vegetable marketing continue to change. The rise in the demands for fresh fruits and vegetables globally continues to rise. Several factors can be attributed to this increase. They include; Increased Health Awareness Information on the place of fruits and vegetables in a healthy population cannot be emphasized. More and more people are becoming aware of the need to include more fruits and vegetables in their diets. These are foods that play a central role in boosting immunity, keeping off diseases and sustaining a healthy population. The rise in the numbers of lifestyle diseases has triggered the debate on what healthy eating entails. People have come to understand that they require adequate suppliers of fresh fruits and vegetables. As populations around the globe appreciate the role of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet, the demand for these foods continues to rise. Urbanization and Population Growth According to the United Nations, the world population is estimated to be close to 10 billion by the year 2050. As the population grows, the arable land continues to diminish. Coupled with increased consumer awareness of the value of fruits and vegetables in our bodies, population growth is a critical factor that continues to increase the demand for these commodities. Knowledge Explosion The list of vegetables and fruits grown in the world is endless. Different communities in various regions of the globe have their fruits and vegetables indigenous to their regions. Information on types of fruits and vegetables grown in different climates is it there on the web. This has led to the introduction of new fruits and vegetables in areas that they did not exist previously. Research on hybrid varieties of fruits and vegetables is ever being done. It has resulted in improved varieties that are high in yields and resistant to pest and diseases. This, in turn, has led in surplus produce that land in foreign markets. Preference for Short-Season Crops Fruits and vegetable growing is mainly a short season venture. From a few weeks to months, you can harvest your fruits and vegetables. This becomes a motivating factor to farmers who want to reap harvests in short periods. The number of people involved in the cultivation of fruits and vegetables continues to rise owing to this fact. A farmer will want to grow a plant that will bring a return on investment in a short period. Fruits and vegetable farming is one such venture. Irrigation There is a shift from the traditional rain-fed agriculture to irrigation. Irrigated crops tend to mature faster, produce higher yields and are more resistant to pests and diseases. As more land is set for irrigation, surplus production is inevitable. This surplus production of fruits and vegetables lands ion the international markets. Technology New farming techniques continue to be unveiled now and then. These new technologies include aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics. With these technologies, you can grow fruits and vegetables without soil. The quality of the produce is boosted, and you can get produce year round. These new technologies have resulted in more fruits and vegetables in our markets. Information technology bears the fame of increased trading of fruits and vegetables in the world market. You can locate a buyer or seller of these commodities by the click of the mouse. This was not possible decades ago. The advancement in this field of ICT has had an enormous impact on fruits and vegetable trading. One can access market information of different fruits and vegetables from the web. This information is a crucial guideline on the type of fruits and vegetables to grow and at which time. Online sites dealing with the marketing of fruits and vegetables are also increasing. Due to the nature of our jobs, many people hardly get time to visit green groceries or other local stores that stock fresh fruit and vegetables. With online markets, you only need to place an order of what you need, and it will be delivered to your doors step. Fruits and vegetable trading have been made easier courtesy of these online stores. As technology continues to advance including the way transactions are done, the future of fruits and vegetable trading will be bright. Research on fruits and vegetable growing will also have a great impact on the marketing of these products. Online sites, such as EFRECO are a great venue that brings together both buyers and sellers of farm produce. A supplier of fruits and vegetables can organize farmers into groups, and offer the necessary support and market for their produce. In return, the supplier can get enough quantities of the commodities they require to meet the expected demand. Emerging trends in the world market for fruits and vegetables is shifting to the growing of organic fruits and vegetables. This can be attributed to the increased consumer awareness and laws and regulations that govern the key world markets for fruits and vegetables. The EU and US markets are very serious about what lands on these markets. Farmers in various parts of the world who are aiming to produce for the international community must be acquainted with the relevant laws and regulations that must be met before their produce is allowed in the specific world market. Trading Technology