EFRESCO is a Global Virtual Market Place that support B2B Cross Boder freshproduce trading. EFRESCO facilitate agribusiness and marketing services for fresh produce traders. EFRESCO support farmers to export and facilitate their trading services.

EFRESCO does not only provide Virtual Market Place for Linking buyers and sellers. EFRESCO provide a block-chain payment portal that secure the payments for all involved parties. . E-FRESCO Connect Farmers, Exporter, Importers, banks, shipping companies, Inspection companies and government in one block chain system. The Block-chain system help build trust among participants of fruits and vegetables trading world.

e-FRESCO allows users, B2B traders to do payments and shipment through E-FRESCO dashboard. Simply, it’s networking the network between all stakeholders involved in cross border transaction. Transparent transactions, reducing time and effort will be key advantages to built  trust  among global agribusiness players.  “The complexity of the supply chain in cross border transactions is due to the involvement of different stakeholders such as shipment companies, quality assurance companies, importer, exporter, government and banking system.

The Need

The B2B cross border block chain portal enable traders community to connect banks, shipping companies, inspection companies, importers, and exporters in one based block chain.

The block chain network support exporter importer payments and cross border transaction and replace the need for third party solutions such as ESCREW or LC conventional systems.

What type of traders EFRESCO support?

EFRESO support farmers, Distributors, retailers, exporters, importers, and wholesalers. EFRESCO provide their free silver retail plans to users worldwide. EFRESCO is also planning to connect HORECA with farmers and distributors worldwide.