Spike for Agriculture Supply Chain (EFRESCO)

A Global Virtual Market Place that support B2B Cross Boder freshproduce trading. EFRESCO facilitate agribusiness and marketing services for fresh produce traders. EFRESCO support farmers to export and facilitate their trading services. 
e-FRESCO, is a global cross border trading portal for fresh produce. We work in the supply chain from destination to source country.  E-FRESCO portal provides trade tech and supply chain solutions at B2B and B2C levels.  The business model focus on integrating the supply chain by providing integration from end users, retailers to importers and exporters. The portal has main three modules.


Module I : B2B cross border communication portal  

This link exporters and importers, provide market analysis for best price and best destination using  Explore market feature.

Module: II: Global Distribution network 

Our key finding is that to be able to build a trade tech portal then you need to have distribution network. By assigning e-FRESCO dealers in each country.  Our supply chain will focus on enabling the small retailers to sell online, integerate the demand from small independent green groceries. This will provide a business model to build a distribution network in any country in the world. This will utilize the assets of the small independent green groceries and will utilize the delivery network available in any country.

Module III :  Trade tech portal to secure quality and payment terms 

This challenge is the first global challenge in any place in the world. The requirement is to integerate all stakeholders with reliable network such as blockchain network. This trade tech portal will replace the Letter of credit process and other credit mechanisms. The revenue generated will be similar to revenue generated in credit services in the banks. This will empower the financing of the supply chain and will also secure quality and payments terms in cross border trading of fresh produce. It will also reduce fraud and manipulation of documents in cross border trading.


The strength in the portal is that it deals with all actors in the supply chain from source to destination. This will help in to build vertical B2B2C trade tech portal in fresh produce. This will empower the vulnerable supply chain and provide solid financial supply chain solutions.